Congestion Charging

Discount registration for vehicles with nine or more seats.

Please read the following carefully:

This online facility is to assist you in registering a vehicle with nine or more seats for the 100% discount from Congestion Charging. By selecting a language using the drop down menu to the right, an application form will be produced in the language selected.

Once completed, and the submit button selected, a PDF version will be produced in English, which should be printed, signed and forwarded to TfL Congestion Charging, PO Box 344, Darlington, DL1 9QE, United Kingdom. Please do not forget to enclose copies of the relevant supporting documentation.

Road tolls

BroBIZZ and AutoPASS in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

You can use BroBIZZ and AutoPASS for road charging in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. BroBIZZ and AutoPASS are Nordic systems for the electronic payment of road charges, which allows for the possibility to drive from Denmark to Namsos in Northern Norway, without stopping for payment. The Nordic countries, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, through the cooperation project EasyGo, have coordinated the processing of electronic payments in order to simplify the use of chargeable roads within the Nordic countries. Further information can be found by clicking on the link.

If you have received a notification for an unpaid road toll in Norway and you have a valid BroBIZZ or AutoPASS subscription, please contact EPC or EasyGo directly.

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